Monday, 12 July 2010

Lemonwood Update - Summer 2010

Good news for longbow makers
- Summer 2010
Lemonwood on its way
Part of my last newsletter was concerned with the frustrating situation with my shipment of Lemonwood and Lignum vitae from Paraguay. I rudely included photographs of this consignment of timber lurking in a warehouse in Paraguay so that those of you wishing to buy these timbers from me might share my pain.
It lurks there still and I remain baffled as to why it will not move. I am a willing buyer and I have the money waiting to pay for it at a moment’s notice.

Rarely sourced
Occasionally it is possible to buy these woods from other European importers. The price is never quite right because when buying on a wholesale basis there is one person’s margin too many in the price. When some Lemonwood became available recently I took the view that the Lemonwood customers had waited long enough, and that the ‘grown-up’ thing to do was to buy this stock and to try and ignore the margins issue for once.

Lemonwood - more details here on Timberline's web site.
The absence of the Lignum vitae that many are waiting for has not been addressed. I apologise for that.
Arriving today
The newly sourced Lemonwood is arriving Tuesday 13th July 2010 - Contact us NOW! I expect the quality to be good from this source. The majority of it is 2100 x 85 x 55mm – an ideal size for longbow makers – there are also some shorts on offer for less money and some rare 80mm thick stuff for more money. I am told it is air dried. I will know the state of dryness when I have tested it myself and I can advise the result to those who 'phone to inquire: +44 (0)1732 355626
Price TBC
The price is not yet decided. I find it best to delay that sort of decision until I have thoroughly eyeballed the stock. I think that the current economic climate should keep me honest when I make this decision.
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